Program Descriptions


2-year old classes (2 day)

Our 2 year old program is designed for children to explore and discover through play and a variety of group activities. Children will develop their social and emotional skills through group-play (sharing, turn-taking, problem solving) and movement activities (following directions). The children will also be introduced to monthly themes through simple art activities, music (songs and finger plays), and literacy (story-time). These activities will also help the children develop their motor (small and large) and cognitive skills (pre-literacy skills). Children in this program do not need to be potty trained. Children will gain these self-help skills as they become more independent in the classroom. Children in this class are to be at least 2 years and 7 months as of Sept. 1st. Teacher recommendation or screening required before enrollment.


3-year-old classes (3 day)1

Our primary importance in this class is given to emotional (becoming independent, expressing feelings appropriately) and social development (willing to share and take turns, participating in group activities at free-play time and at structured time). Learning to follow directions and to be attentive as a part of a large group is also important. The class will participate in learning games(math and language concepts), crafts, and show and tell. Visual aids are used to promote auditory and visual discrimination skills, problem solving, fine motor skills (using pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.) and gross motor skills (large muscle development). Children in this class will also learn through many movement and music activities, songs, stories, and finger plays. These activities will be based on weekly themes. Children must 3 years old on or before Sept.1st. Children need to be potty trained to attend. Individual considerations can be discussed with Director.


3-year-old class (Tuesday-Thursday)

This program is similar to the above description with fewer activities, and moving from room to room at playtime is done in groups, not independently.


4-year-old classes (3 day)

Children in this program expand their basic social, emotional, and motor skills. Stories, craft projects, games, songs, etc., are more challenging and based on weekly themes. In the four-year-old class, children use a weekly activity paper to develop imagination, problem solving, and language skills. The 4-year-olds engage in kindergarten readiness activities; informally working with alphabet, numbers, consonant sounds and rhyming in game-type activities. Children will also complete seat work independently to further develop their math and language skills. The goal for this program is to prepare each child for Kindergarten. Children must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1st.

Children must be potty trained. Individual considerations can be discussed with the Director.


4-year-old class (3 Day Extended)

Our 4 year old extended day program will cover the same skills and concepts as our 3 day- 4 year old ½ day class. The curriculum and activities will be the same as well. The extended day program will run from 9am to 2pm, with an afternoon program designed for children to receive additional skill development, opportunities for independent exploration, and hands-on learning experiences. Children in this class must be 5 or turning 5 during the school year to attend. Teacher recommendation or screening required before enrollment. Children must be potty trained.


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