School Policies


Below is our updated COVID Health Plan in accordance with PDE and CDC guidelines.  Please click below to read and view entire plan. 

2020 Covid Health & Safety Plan (PDF)

Parents can sign up for Remind to receive emails or texts about school closings, delays or important events at MUM.  Just text @mumpre to 81010 or 412-567-3965 to receive text messages.  You can also email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive emails.
The children should dress comfortably in washable play clothes.  Please don't let children wear anything you would be concerned about getting spotted, stained or torn. (MUM Pre-School T-Shirts given at Orientation in September).  During Good Weather we may go outside, so appropriate outer apparel should be worn - tennis shoes preferred.  Please help your child to learn how to put on coats and jackets.
Health and Attendance
Regular attendance is encouraged.  However, if your child has any signs of illness, please keep him/her at home.  This includes if your child is lethargic, irritable, has a fever, and cannot comfortably participate in the program.  There no need to  call the church office if a child is staying home, unless he/she has a contagious disease or a long illness which teachers should know about.  Confinement periods for communicable diseases are as follows:  (According to the American Academy for Pediatrics).
Fever -- 24 hours fever free, with no medication (101.4 degrees or above)
Diarrhea -- Uncontrolled - two or more times in 24 hrs.  (24 hrs without Diarrhea)
Vomitting - Two or more times in previous 24 hrs.  (24hrs without vomitting)
Measles--6 days after rash appears
Chicken pox--6 days after onset of rash or until all lesions have dried and crusted
Mumps--9 days after onset of paratid gland swelling
Whooping cough--until 5 days of appropriate antibiotic therapy (which is given for a total 14 days) has been completed           
Strep throat - Antibiotics for 24 hours
Scarlet fever or scarlatina--7 days if receiving antibiotics
Diphtheria--until patient has two negative throat cultures 24 hours apart.
E coli 157:H7 or shingella - until diarrhea resolves and two stool cultures are negative for these organisms.
Purulent conjunctivitis - (defined as pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge)  Until examined by a physician and approved for readmission, with treatment.
Infestation (scabies, head lice) Until 24 hours after treatment was begun and all nits have been removed.
Tuberculosis - Until the child's physician or health dept. authority states the child is noninfectious.
Impetigo - Until 24 hours after treatment was begun
Ringworm  - Until 24 hours after treatment was begun
Rubella - Until 7 days after rash appears.
Please note on the Health Care Card any allergies or food restrictions your child has, and notify us throughout the year if he or she is taking any medication that affects his/her behavior.  Update these cards by sending in any information for us to add or change on your card, and please don't forget to notify us if your address or phone number changes.  If a child becomes ill in school or an emergency arises, every effort to notify the parents will be made.If a parent is not available, the school will contact one of the persons whose name has been given for emergency purposes.
School Closings
Information on school closings and delays will be received through Remind.  All morning classes will start at 10am and end at noon.  All afternoon classes will start at 1pm and end at 3pm.
Snacks and Parties
The children will be provided a snack each day of class.  We attempt to acquaint the children with a variety of nutritious foods.  We try to save sweet snacks for birthday treats and parties. 
The parties for the year are Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and our Year's End Picnic.  We don't get into the religious significance of any holiday, only social customs and traditions.  The monthly newsletters will provide details about parties.
Show and Tell
(For 3 and 4 year old Preschool Program)
Show and tell will be every Wednesday for M.W.F. classes and every Tuesday for the T-Th class.  Parent and child should choose together an item to bring - not necessarily a "toy."  A picture, souvenir or homemade item is great.  (No toy guns please).  Talking together at home about his show and tell is very helpful. 
We will send a newsletter home on the first day of each month with the children, telling of our activities and other items of interest to parents.  Also, a photographer comes in the fall to take individual and group pictures of the children. (Watch monthly newsletter for more details)
Field Trips
(For 3 and 4 year old Preschool Program)
We take the children on little walking trips throughout the school year to nearby places like the bowling alley, pet store, skyscraper, etc.  For these trips we are limited by weather conditions and other classroom activities, so we don't know the dates in advance.  We do put a sign in the door where the children are left off in the morning to notify parents if a class will be taking a walk that day.  Driving field trips, however, are scheduled in advance, details are put in the newsletter and parents are asked to sign up to drive carpools. 
*The 2 year old program may take walks around the building during warm weather.
Parents’ Involvement
After the first month of school, mothers and/or fathers are encouraged to visit the classrooms.  However, we ask two things:  (1)  Please notify the teacher in advance of your visit so that we have only one visitor at a time, and (2)  Do not bring younger children along.  This is a time to quietly observe the children and their activities at school.  This is not a time for conferences.
Parents are also encouraged to share their occupations and hobbies with the children.  This is an important part of our program, and the children are very proud to have their parents come in and share.  We accept any and all volunteers! 
In May, we also hold Family Night/Graduation and Family Picnics.  Family Night is a great time for children to share their school experiences at MUM.
Evaluating Progress
Formal Conferences are held in February.  However, parents and teachers should feel free to schedule conferences whenever it is necessary.  Teachers will call, if they have any concerns.  It is important for parents to call the teachers with any concerns that they or their child may have.

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